Financial Reports

Critical management information

Most small business owners are passionate about their product or service, not managing their accounts and accounting procedures. Focus on the activities you love and leave the complicated tax and account management process to us. Our professionals will stay on top of this difficult component of running a business so you don’t have to worry about it.

We will prepare your monthly or quarterly profit and loss account and your balance sheet. In addition to giving you personalized advice, your experienced accountant will also provide you with tax estimates.

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What's the process for completing your Financial Reports


Give the green light...
Join More Than Accountants and become a client by generating a quote on our website or by calling us on 0161 8040808.


Gather the right information...
We will collect all the information necessary to complete your accounting and contact your former accountant on your behalf, if necessary.


Production of tax declarations...

Our accountants draw up your company's or personal tax declaration in the most tax-efficient way possible.


Submission to the competent authorities…
We will file your tax returns with HMRC and Companies House where applicable.

Who do we provide online accountancy services to?

We provide nationally online accountancy services for a fixed, low monthly fee.

Sole Trader

Sole Traders

Simple and complete accounting services for a fixed price.

Limited Compagny

Limited Companies

Expert support for your limited company’s accounting needs

Business Partnership


Accounting services for partnerships provided by qualified accountants



Qualified accountants providing accounting services for limited liability companies.



Simple accounting solutions for entrepreneurs and the self-employed

Other Services

Other Services

We care for all types of business accountancy From A to Z..


Most frequent questions and answers

The services provided may, unsurprisingly, vary depending on the plan you choose, and some products may be priced separately.

Make sure you have a breakdown of their responsibilities to you, as well as the costs of any “extras” that may be charged in addition to the monthly accounting fee, before signing up for a new accounting service. More Than Accountants has no “extras”, our fixed monthly fee covers all your accounting needs

initial help

  • Initial consultation/advice on the most suitable business structure.
  • Companies House can help you set up your business (if you are a limited liability company).
  • If you are an individual entrepreneur or a partner in a partnership, you must register for the self-assessment.
  • Help you open a bank account for your business.
    VAT registration if necessary for your business.
  • Register for corporation tax for your company (for public limited companies).
  • Create a PAYE account for your business.
  • Create a payroll system for all employees.

Ongoing monthly or quarterly accounting tasks

  • Monthly or quarterly Bookkeeping.
  • Submit VAT returns quarterly.
  • Run the monthly payment cycle (and make sure you meet the new RTI standards).
  • Provide all employees with monthly or weekly pay stubs.
  • Prepare the company’s annual financial statements.
  • Annual Affidavit of Limited Companies (CT600).
    Declarations of dividends.
  • Management reports.
    Companies House will receive your annual statement (AR01).
  • Changes to your company information will be reported to Companies House.
  • Provide references from mortgage or rental agreements.
  • All correspondence from Companies House and HMRC will be handled.

Value-added services

  • Complete your self-assessment form. All self-employed persons and company directors are required to file one, and a company must file a separate return in addition to the returns of its members.
  • If necessary, indicate the address of the registered office of the public limited company.
    Make IR35 contract valuations publicly available (if you are a personal services business, such as an IT contractor).
  • Ongoing proactive tax advice.
    facilitate access to commercial insurers (PI insurance, tax investigation, commercial liability).
    Services provided by IFA (advice on financial services products, such as mortgages, pensions and life insurance).

Speak To The Xero Accounting Software. We take care of all the accounting and tax requirements of your business. We can also help you set up your Association and make sure it runs in the most efficient way from the start.