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Contractors are people who provide services to customers under specified conditions. They tend to operate through their own limited partnerships and are not employees of a large corporation or corporation.

Contractor is responsible for their own “business” transactions and controls how and when they do their work. They would be employed through an umbrella company in order to pay them (and pay their taxes) or have their own limited liability company or be a sole proprietorship and pay their own taxes.

A public limited company is a small company created by an individual, who performs his services on behalf of the company.

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Accountancy services we provide:

We provide business accounts, tax returns, VAT returns, accounting services, self-assessments, payroll services, etc., to sole traders, limited liability companies, partnerships, LLP, to entrepreneurs and individuals across the UK. We are best known for our all-inclusive unlimited service plan, which includes all accounting services required by a UK business and more for a fixed monthly fee.

Company Accounts

Company Accounts

Tax-advantaged business accounts are set up by Experts-accountant

Personal Tax Returns

Personal Tax Returns

Self-assessment personal tax returns for individuals and directors..

Vat Returns

VAT Returns

VAT returns to HMRC that are accurate and submitted on time, every time.

Bookeping Services

Bookeeping Services

A fully managed accounting service allows you to manage your business.

Financial reports

Financial Reports

Financial reports that help make better business decisions and identify tax savings


Payroll Services

Fully managed payroll service from start to finish.

accountants for freelancers

                   Do you need an accountant for your independent activity?

Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurs, and freelancers need and can benefit from accountants as much as the next business.

Accountants are not limited to helping people with regular, traditional jobs. Even if you work most of the hours randomly, you are still entitled to help. Whatever your condition or situation, IR35 meters can help. It is important.

    Different Types of Meters: What Exactly Are Self-Employed Meters, Contractor Meters, and IR35 Meters?

Self-employed, contractor or self-employed accountants are a specialized type of accountant who can not only help with the standard financial tasks needed during the financial year but also with any additional tasks or functions related to people who are not working. . the traditional 9-5 hours are used.

These accountants can help you with a multitude of finance-related tasks, such as managing your finances or filing tax returns. Good Accountants for Freelancers or Good Accountants for Contractors from Accountant Match can help you:

  • Business Insurance
  • Monthly account management
  • VAT returns
  • Company formations
  • Registered offices
  • Bookkeeping
  • Self Assessment tax return
  • Statutory year-end accounts

What freelancer or contractor has the time or experience to handle all of the above themselves?

  Why You Should Hire Accountants for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs?

Being self-employed is very different from working in a traditional job. While it brings many benefits, like more freedom and the ability to be your own boss, it also comes with challenges.

It’s also worth noting that freelancers and side businesses have become more prominent in recent years with the rise of the internet, influencers and an entirely different generation that thrives on changing business opportunities rather than staying in the mainstream. same traditional role for life. Many people are giving up full-time work altogether these days, with many young professionals choosing to work on the road with online freelancers to support their lifestyle.

Of course, a lot has changed in terms of regulations for self-employed accountants!

When it comes to being a freelancer or a contractor, for example, the hours vary and that also means you’re self-employed, so different tax rules apply. Also, when you are employed by a company, most of the time, everything related to accounting or taxes is done for you. However, when you are self-employed, you often have to do all of these complete things yourself, which becomes overwhelming and mistakes are made.

Many people don’t have the knowledge or experience to complete self-assessment tax returns, and in this case, a small mistake can result in the loss of a large sum of money. In some cases, many people trying to start their own business or do it all on their own can easily overlook things like deadlines for year-end accounts or accounting.

It’s worth looking for an accountant who can handle all of the above, keeping your best interests in mind. Contract accountants, for example, can not only help you with time-consuming tasks like filling out tax forms or submitting VAT returns, but they can also advise you on financial matters to help you save money or make things smooth.

Why You Should Use Accountant Match to Find Valuable IR35 Accountants

We know that not all businesses are created equal, and with the rise of freelancers and side jobs in recent years, that also means the rules and regulations have changed quite a bit as well.

For example, we now live in a world where freelancers can easily earn a month’s income by posting a cute picture on Instagram, while in other places an employee would have to work full-time in an office to achieve their goals. . same income.

Regulations change frequently and our team of independent accountants at Accountant Match constantly stays abreast of changes, with a focus on our clients’ best interests.

Why not let our accountants take care of the boring financial side of your business while you focus on growing your side of the business?

We take care of all the accounting and tax requirements of your business. We can also help you set up your Association and make sure it runs in the most efficient way from the start. Let advice you for Free.